Preventing DDoS attacks

By | May 17, 2006

DDoS happens due to lack of security awareness, application, or skill on the part of the network/server owners or adminstrators. We often hear that a particular machine is under DDoS attack, or that the NOC has unplugged a given machine due to its participation in a DDoS attack. DDoS has become one of the common issues in our world.

In some ways, DDoS is like a disease which doesn´t have a countering antibiotic, and requires being very careful while dealing with it. Never take it lightly. In this article, I´ll try to cover the steps/measures which will help us defend our machines from a DDoS attack – at least up to a certain extent.

Simply stated, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is an advanced version of the DoS (Denial of Service) attack. Much like DoS, DDoS also tries to block important services running on a server by flooding the destination server with packets. The specialty of DDoS is that the attacks do not come from a single network or host but from a number of different hosts or networks which have been previously compromised.Read Full Story

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