Potential Growth to Web Application Firewall market

By | October 7, 2005

While businesses protect their networks with a myriad of security technologies and solutions, hackers are directing their attacks on business applications on the Web, most of which contain vulnerabilities due to lack of attention to security issues by software developers.

“Traditional network security protects lower layers of the open system interconnection (OSI) reference model alone and hence, is incapable of protecting business Web applications, which run at layer seven of the OSI,” says Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst Jose Lopez. “This is where WAF [Web Application Firewall] technology comes into play as the only technology available that is capable of safeguarding the integrity of Web applications.”

Although enterprises deploy Web application firewalls due to various legislations mandating database protection, many businesses are not fully aware of the existence and benefits of Web application firewalls. This is partly because WAF vendors focused on financial services while ignoring the potential of other sectors.

Vendors must increase their effort to cut the price and promote this technology among medium-sized businesses. While large businesses understand that the value of their information is much higher than the cost of the solution, other businesses are left aside due to the cost of the solutions.

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