Portable Danger

By | December 17, 2006

A laptop stolen from an employee´s home. A bunch of infected thumb drives scattered around a credit union parking lot. Threats against WiFi users hooked up to the office from their local Starbucks. What do all of these stories have in common? They are all threats posed by portable technology (mobile devices, USB storage products, laptop PCs) that can´t be protected by company walls. And for many IT managers, they are security´s most dangerous game.

In the last several weeks, the industry has seen how the convenience of portability can expose companies to huge losses: loss of revenue, loss of customer privacy, and loss of public image. Will the Department of Veterans Affairs ever live down the theft of that laptop? Will financial services companies such as ING be able to recover the trust of customers whose personal data was stolen along with a portable computer?Read Full Story

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