Police and Justice Bill is step in the right direction for cybercrime deterrent says PatchLink

By | March 8, 2006

According to media reports, Charles Clarke’s proposals for hackers to face up to ten years in prison and foreign hackers to face extradition to Britain were passed in the second reading of the Police and Justice Bill in the House of Commons.

Alan Bentley, MD of patch management expert PatchLink EMEA said:

“Computer crime has been an international issue for some time now – so it is no surprise that Charles Clarke is looking to ensure that computer hackers can be extradited to Britain for punishment. Gone are the days when hacking was not malicious and only limited to people testing their skills. We need to ensure that today´s organised crime on the internet is dealt with appropriately.

“The proposed increase in the prison term to ten years is certainly a step in the right direction. However, we need to ensure that the crime fits the time. This term would be appropriate for an organised internet crime racket that has deliberately targeted businesses or government organisations. It would not be appropriate to enforce this sentence on mis-guided teenagers.

“While, we hope this sentence will serve to attack as a deterrent. It will certainly not stamp out cyber crime and businesses need to act to ensure that they do not fall victim to attack. Ensuring that there are no wide open doors to the corporate network is the first step and patching up these holes will help to prevent hackers from gaining access.”

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