Pointsec Mobile Technologies Attains RSA Secured(r) Partner Program Certifications

By | May 8, 2006

Pointsec Mobile Technologies, the global leader and the provider of the de facto standard for enterprise security software for laptop and desktop PCs, PDAs and smartphones, today announced that it has received new certifications in the RSA Secured Partner Program which help ensure interoperability between Pointsec for PC and several RSA Security smart card and two-factor authentication solutions. As part of the RSA Secured Partner Program, Pointsec has been awarded the coveted RSA Secured certification and its full-disk encryption solutions for PCs now support all RSA SecurID(r) two-factor authentication tokens with smart card functionality.

“The powerful combination of rigorous authentication to unlock encrypted information will reduce the costs and risks for companies that must protect their sensitive information from exposure, either for compliance reasons or practical business reasons,” said Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec Mobile Technologies. “We chose to partner with RSA Security because of their industry-leading identity and access management technologies and we look forward to working on additional joint projects to benefit our customers in years to come.”

As part of the RSA Secured certification, Pointsec has integrated its Pointsec for PC solution with RSA SecurID technology – including RSA SecurID SID800 USB-enabled authenticators and RSA Smart Cards, to provide its customers with a comprehensive mobile security workforce solution. The RSA Secured certification signals Pointsec´s interoperability with RSA Security´s two-factor authentication technology.

RSA SecurID technology is the world´s most widely used two-factor user authentication solution.

It is as simple to use as entering a password, but significantly more secure. Used in conjunction with RSA(r) Authentication Manager software, an RSA SecurID authenticator functions like an ATM card for a company network, requiring users to identify themselves with two unique factors – something they know (a password or PIN), and something they have (in this case, an RSA SecurID key fob token) – before they are granted access to secure business information.

“As the business world evolves, an effective strategy to protect identities and digital assets is essential to the growth and success of an organization. Companies must feel confident that vital information and applications remain secure, both inside and outside their operations,” said Stuart Cohen, director of partner development at RSA Security. “This technology partnership between Pointsec and our organization provides a valuable solution to end users and we are pleased to join forces to offer strong security to our joint customers.”

Pointsec´s encryption software ensures that the entire disk of a notebook or desktop PC is encrypted in real time and can only be accessed by an authenticated user. Full disk encryption protects the operating system and sensitive system files, ensuring that all security vulnerabilities are closed. Pointsec´s innovative access control architecture, the Multi-Factor Authentication Engine streamlines the addition and management of a second authentication factor, such as a token or smart card, for endpoint security by removing the burden of costly and inflexible proprietary integrations.

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