Pod Slurping – An easy technique for stealing data

GFI has launched a new white paper about the new and increasing threat of pod slurping. The paper explores the threat posed by portable storage devices and considers security measures that should be implemented in addition to perimeter solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus software.

Developments in portable data storage technology are moving rapidly and today’s MP3 players and flash memory devices have huge storage capabilities. Easy connectivity and high speed data transfer means that by simply plugging a device into a USB or FireWire port, a data thief can get away with more information than ever before. This increasing leakage, ciphering and disclosure of corporate data has been coined as “pod slurping”.

The white paper looks at the simple process of data slurping and some of the ways that organisations can combat the risk. The devices that can be used to “slurp” large volumes of corporate information include iPods, digital cameras, USB sticks and flash drives. Any device with storage capabilities also has the ability to slurp, but some of these tools are used in business on a daily basis and while it has been implemented by some organisations, a blanket ban is not always a practical solution.

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