Plynt Launches Online Security Certification for Applications

By | February 22, 2006

Paladion, a highly respected global information security company, has recently launched Plynt, Inc. to offer a convenient and cost-effective web-based application security certification service.

With a client base of more than 100 companies spread across 15 countries, Paladion is an established market leader in the security solutions market. Ever since its inception in 2000, many Fortune 500, Forbes 500 and The Banker 100 companies have been consistently opting for Paladion to lead their security initiatives.

Recognizing a gap in the application security market, Paladion, which has offices in the United States, India, and Malaysia, has now come forward to offer convenient and cost-effective web-based application security certification services through Plynt.

While the network security solutions market has matured and there are several highly effective products and solutions, the same cannot be said about applications security. The main reason for this is that while networks are relatively homogenous, there is a huge diversity when it comes to applications. Consequently, attempts to replicate network scanning technologies or automation technologies inspired from networks have met with limited success in the application security realm.

Led by N.S. Raghavan, co-founder of software major Infosys Technologies (Nasdaq: Infy), Paladion with its rich experience of providing security solutions has taken three years to incubate and develop the Plynt model.

Plynt services clients online. Using a mix of tools and security experts, Plynt thoroughly tests Web applications and certifies them to be safe against major security vulnerabilities. Application developers have to go through a 4-step process to get their applications tested and certified online.

The 4-steps are: place an order online at the site or over telephone choosing the dates for scheduling the test while providing the application details, Plynt’s security experts then study the application, develop test cases and thoroughly verify the application against the Plynt Certification Standard to recommend possible fixes for identified vulnerabilities if any, the application developer then weaves in the fixes for Plynt to retest the now fixed application, if the application passes the retest Plynt issues a security certificate.

The present application security certification market is polarized between consultants on the one hand and tools or products on the other. Plynt offers a model which offers the best of both worlds while almost fully eliminating the weaknesses of each.

Says Roshen Chandran, Plynt’s CTO, “Our certification criteria is the most comprehensive the industry has seen till date. We will constantly innovate to give our customers affordable and round the clock access to the best technology and value in application security testing.” Chandran, co-author of the widely consulted book, Know Your Enemy, and a well-known security expert, was invited to speak on .Net Security at the RSA Conference earlier this month.

Says Sachin Varghese, VP marketing at Plynt, “With over 500 application security tests behind us, we know how to find vulnerabilities efficiently. Our clients come to us to address their privacy concerns, illegal transactions concerns or just to check if their internal software security programs are working well.”

Application developers and QA managers losing sleep over security concerns can now rest easy. All they need to do is to take a peek at Plynt.

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