Phoenix Technologies, One Of The Biggest Names In IT, Partners With Wick Hill To Attack UK Security Market

By | April 18, 2006

Phoenix Technologies, whose BIOS software ships in approximately 100 million PCs per year, has appointed Wick Hill to distribute its TrustConnector 2 and Recover Pro 6 products in the UK and Germany. Trust Connector 2 is device identity and authentication software for IP networks, aimed at the medium to high end; and Recover Pro 6 is a system recovery solution, suitable for most companies, particularly enterprises, ISPs, and companies with a heavy user support load.

Phoenix sees the opportunity to expand its sales of these products in the UK and Germany, particularly with the growth of mobile, wireless and remote computing. It has chosen Wick Hill because of the distributor’s proven skills in growing the market for solutions in this area, as well as its in-depth experience in the whole field of security.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group, commented: “Phoenix is a long-established company at the core of infrastructure technology, with a huge installed base and a proven reputation. Both these products offer the security and reliability that enterprises and users require. For our channel partners, they offer good margins as well as excellent value-add and service opportunities. These solutions are obviously extremely Microsoft-aware, so the sales opportunities are as large as the Microsoft installed base.”

Robert Mol, senior director of marketing and distribution EMEA at Phoenix, said: “When it comes to information security, Wick Hill is one of the most dynamic and best-known distributors in the UK and Germany. They are enthusiastic advocates of our technology and we look forward to working closely with them to develop a strong demand for our products among reseller and independent software vendor partners in these markets.”

Phoenix TrustConnector 2

Phoenix TrustConnector 2 is easy-to-install device identity software that enables seamless, built-in identification of x86 devices to IP networks, while enhancing the protection of digital credentials for Windows applications. TrustConnector 2 creates a unique device identity that cannot be altered or stolen. It safeguards businesses against credential sharing and stealing, and limits access only to devices which have been granted access permission. TrustConnector 2 has been implemented as a universal cryptographic service provider (CSP) component for Windows machines that incorporates native platform sensing technology to examine the unique hardware configuration of every x86 system and activate the highest trust level possible for that system.

Phoenix Recover Pro 6

This solution provides one-button PC recovery, even when Windows won’t boot, without requiring recovery CDs or network access. Recover Pro 6 lets users completely restore the hard drive to a previously known working state, including operating system files, applications, settings, and data files or selectively restore a deleted or overwritten file or previously saved file revision. Recover Pro 6 offers unparalleled security because the actual recovery data is stored in a secure area of the hard drive that is not vulnerable to Windows disasters. The ease of recovery means support costs can be greatly reduced.

Price and availability

Both these solutions are price at Ј30 ex VAT for a single copy. They are both available through Wick Hill accredited resellers.

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