Phising Exploit in Google Public Search Service

By | September 15, 2006

Eric Farraro had discovered an exploit in a little known service from a major web company. It turns out that that exploit is in a little known service called ‘Google Public Service Search’. This service is meant for universities or other non-profit organizations to add a ‘Google’ search to their website.

It differs from the other free Google site search in that it allows you to customize the header and footer of the search results page. It’s interesting to note that the code for your header and footer is actually hosted by Google, on their server.

“I began to use Javascript to modify the DOM, allowing me to change the search box on the results page. Then I had another idea… I knew that my header was rendered first, then Google’s results, then the footer. I decided to encapsulate the Google search results by placing them in a DIV tag, then closed the DIV tag in the bottom. Right after that, in the footer, I used the Javascript ‘document getElementById(divID) innerHTML’ property, and essentially, hid all of Google’s search results. I realized that I had created a blank slate, hosted at a address.Read Full Story

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