Patton High-Security DMZ Router

By | May 23, 2006

Patton has announced their very-low-cost, three-port, managed-VPN router that streamlines DMZ implementation and secure-firewall configuration for enterprise networks. The Model 2823 is the newest member of Patton´s IPLink Model 2800 Series of very-low-cost managed-VPN routers.

“Security is a huge concern for today´s businesses and service providers,” said Joseph Gomez, Senior Product Manager. “Yet security solutions can be painfully complicated. By adding a third port to a powerful yet low-cost router platform, Patton offers a much simpler solution. It´s one more way Patton helps our customers ´link-up for less.´”

Featuring three 10/100 Ethernet ports and browser-based management, the Model 2823 DMZ Secure Router makes it easy — and inexpensive — for organizations to isolate their web servers in a secure demilitarized zone (DMZ). The router can interconnect a private LAN and a DMZ while providing secure business-class Internet access with traffic-shaping services. With DynDNS, VLAN, and NAT, the three-port router can support a wide variety of network applications and topologies, offering enterprise-network administrators unusual flexibility for a minimal capital outlay.

DMZ Connection. Setting up a DMZ on a two-port router requires configuring a secure firewall with numerous complex rules that selectively allow Internet traffic onto the private network. The three-port model 2823 physically separates the DMZ on its own sub-network, reducing the number and complexity of firewall rules. Network operators can use the Model 2823´s secure VPN tunneling feature to securely manage servers and computers located within the DMZ.

Business-class Security. The Model 2823 keeps private information private as it traverses the Internet with VPN tunnels and IPSec strong encryption, AES/DES keys and Internet Key Exchange (IKE).

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