Patapsco’s Liberator Enables VoIP Solution for the European Market

By | January 24, 2006

Patapsco Communications is supplying its Liberator ISDN cross-connect multiplexer to Dublin-based distributor Commtech, to enable connectivity between AltiGen’s award-winning* IP telephone systems and the standard European telephone networks.

As a leading Irish value added distributor, Commtech provides a range of networking, security and IP solutions to its 500 resellers in Northern Ireland, Eire and throughout Europe. Its leading VoIP offering is from US-based, AltiGen, and requires an ISDN PRI interface. Although common in the US, many companies in Ireland and Europe rely on BRI connections. Patapsco’s Liberator offers full conversion, sharing and contention of PRI and BRI circuits, so enabling companies with BRI lines only to use AltiGen’s PRI-based voice solutions.

Explained Justin Owens, Managing Director of Commtech, “We saw the AltiGen IP-PBX systems and thought that they would be ideally suited for the sub-100 user market. However they require a PRI connection, and many smaller European companies only lease BRI lines, so this could cause a problem”.

Commtech researched the market for suitable products to convert from BRI to PRI and identified a number of options. They then undertook the relevant interoperability tests to ensure that they would perform with the AltiGen equipment.

Justin confirmed, “For price and performance, Patapsco’s Liberator was the clear winner. This is a very cost-effective and flexible product. For example, we can also use it to convert the circuits the other way round – from PRI to BRI. So if an end user wants video conferencing – which uses BRI – and only has PRI lines, then they can use the Liberator to convert their existing channels. There is no need to install more telephone lines and incur extra on-going expense. In fact, in many instances the Liberator can pay for itself”.

Looking to the future Justin concluded, “ISDN is going to be around for a long while. As time goes on VoIP is going to take some of that market – but that will increase the need for a reliable ISDN converter. We believe that the Liberator is ideally positioned to fill that gap. It is a superb product and is backed up by excellent, knowledgeable, support from Patapsco. We would highly recommend it,” he finished.

IP Integration

Patapsco Communications has several products available to enable integration with IP. In addition to the Liberator, it has recently launched PacketBand ISDN and TDM. PacketBand ISDN is the first system to provide ISDN tunnelling over IP, so enabling switched, synchronous ISDN services to connect seamlessly into an IP network. PacketBand TDM allows leased line emulation across IP, so allowing clocked, synchronous or legacy data to be delivered over IP, MPLS, Metro and Ethernet networks.


Commtech is a leading Irish Distributor of specialist network and Internet security products and services. Partnering with key leaders in the industry, Commtech offer superior new security technology coupled with network security training and support to satisfy local market needs and requirements.

Commtech work with a nationwide network of resellers, and Internet Service providers, supplying best of breed products such as: SonicWALL, Cyberguard, Barracuda Networks, N2H2, TUT Systems, GFI Software, Kerio Internet Security Software and AltiGen IP telephone systems.

Patapsco Communications

Patapsco Communications is a well-established telecoms engineering company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing ISDN, high speed aggregation and IP technology products for carriers, corporates, mobile operators, service companies (eg, disaster backup companies, ISPs) and systems integrators. Its products include the internationally used Databand ISDN backup and inverse mux ranges. Patapsco is based in Hampshire, England and has a worldwide customer and distributor base spanning Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA, Far East and Australasia. Further information is available at:

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