Passwords Passe at RSA

By | February 21, 2006

Identity theft and online bank fraud were the unofficial themes of the 2006 RSA Conference, a massive security confab where Bill Gates came to announce the imminent death of the password and vendors filled the exhibition halls with iPod giveaways and promises that their product could stop everything from spam and malware to hackers and typos.

Thanks to a California law known as SB 1386 that requires companies to disclose sensitive data leaks to California consumers, companies like ChoicePoint and shoe retailer DSW became poster children for corporate negligence last year after mishandling sensitive data.

In the wake of Senate hearings and investigations from federal regulators, corporations are beefing up security, both behind the scenes and at their virtual front doors. To find out how those changes will affect consumers in their daily online activities, Wired News surveyed the offerings of the over-250 security companies packed into RSA´s exhibit hall, accompanied by cryptographer John Callas, who has been attending the conference since 1993.

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