Paranet Zero-Gap Network Security

By | February 28, 2006

Paranet Solutions has announced its Zero-Gap Network Security offering, providing small and medium businesses with a comprehensive report showing specific vulnerabilities on their network, and guidance on removing them.The service will provide businesses with the same level of review and protection that was until now only available for large organizations.

Most small- and medium-sized businesses don´t have the tools to readily identify all the vulnerabilities on their network. The Zero-Gap Network Security offering provides this critical information, at a very reasonable price point, and serves as a critical diagnostic in refining the security of the customers´ networks.

The service includes an exhaustive review with an action plan for remediation covering the following: Security vulnerabilities in the company´s wireline and wireless networks by performing a scan of the customer´s network, once from outside the firewall, and once from inside the network. The external scan provides a hacker´s-eye view of the network, while the internal scan provides a more thorough view of potential vulnerabilities. Areas that are identified include open ports, missing patches, weak passwords, and misconfigurations.

Review of firewall configuration and verifying its operation; Verify virus, spam and spyware protection on internal network; Evaluating and verifying backup and recovery capabilities.

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