Panda Software launches GateDefender Performa, the high-performance SCM appliance for protecting the corporate network perimeter

By | March 8, 2006

Panda Software has reinforced the GateDefender 8000 series SCM appliance, whose effectiveness has recently been certified by ICSA Labs and NSS (version 8200), with the launch of the new GateDefender Performa family, offering complete protection against malware, spam and unproductive web content.

Panda Software presents the new Panda GateDefender Performa, the high-performance SCM (secure content management) appliance for protecting the corporate network perimeter. Thanks to its anti-malware, anti-spam and Web filtering features, it fulfils all the needs of network administrators, detecting and eliminating any threat, as well as eliminating junk mail and preventing employees from accessing unproductive web content. These new appliances reinforce the GateDefender 8000 series, which has already received the recognition of both ICSA Labs and NSS (version 8200).

“The great concern for network administrators is how to block threats before they enter the corporate network,” explains Paula Quirуs, director of the Hardware plus Software Business Unit at Panda Software. “This is now possible thanks to GateDefender Performa’s high-performance architecture which can silently process and scan all inbound traffic”.

It operates as a transparent bridge, so installation is as simple as physically locating the device between the Internet and the corporate network. In addition, administrators can use a remote web console to access real-time information about the device, including both the protection status and graphic reports about protection system activity. This is all available through a powerful interface designed to combine maximum functionality with simplicity.

“GateDefender Performa offers maximum protection for the network perimeter as soon as it is connected, providing administrators with true peace of mind,” says Paula Quirуs. “For this reason, return on investment is visible from the outset: systems are protected, and companies can concentrate their efforts on their core business and objectives, leaving GateDefender Performa to manage the network protection.”

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