PacketMotion Released PacketSentry

By | January 23, 2006

PacketMotion has announced PacketSentry, the first internal network security solution to provide businesses with a centralized view tracking who´s doing what with data and applications on the network. PacketSentry combines real-time analysis with business understanding, enabling companies to enforce business and security and compliance policies, while protecting their corporate assets, intellectual property, and operations.

PacketSentry´s Identity Intelligence solution is a one-stop shop, providing security professionals with the tools needed to extract, store and report on pertinent information for extended periods of time. Instead of managing information based upon days or weeks, PacketSentry was designed from the ground up to store years of data in normal operations.

The solution leverages existing corporate identity systems and secures the enterprise using established policies. The core of PacketSentry is the Virtual Proxy Engine, which analyzes and interprets complete conversations while extracting and storing only the critical relevant data. PacketSentry then correlates all the collected data so that information is presented at the user and application level.

“Protecting intellectual property is critical in today´s information economy, and internal network security is the front line of defense. In addition, new regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA move beyond corporate policy and mandate enterprise enforcement,” said Ken Fehrnstrom, chief executive officer, PacketMotion. “PacketSentry provides the tools to enforce security plans that enable companies to achieve their security objectives and compliance requirements with minimal effort and with reasonable budgets.”

The PacketSentry solution consists of the PacketSentry Probe 1000 and the PacketSentry Manager. The core of the PacketSentry solution is the Probe 1000, which utilizes the company´s proprietary Virtual Proxy Engine to analyze and interpret all network conversations and distills out of each flow only the salient information needed about the transaction. The PacketSentry Manager then correlates information from all the Probes to provide a unified database of network information for easy reporting and management.

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