Ordnance Survey Develops Disaster Recovery Solution For Five Terabyte Great Britain Database

By | March 21, 2006

Ordnance Survey, the national mapping service of Great Britain, has placed an order with Kashya UK, via the Office of Government Commerce GCAT framework, to implement its KBX5000 platform to provide continuous data replication to a remote off-site disaster recovery (DR) location. The Kashya KBX5000 platform in conjunction with Cisco MDS Storage Service Modules will provide DR support for over 20 Terabytes of data across Ordnance Surveys´ five Terabyte Oracle database system. The Ordnance Survey database contains more than 400 million object images covering all of Great Britain.

Dave Lipsey, Infrastructure Manager at Ordnance Survey, explains, “This data is fundamental to Ordnance Survey and amounts to our “crown jewels”. As such it is vital that we are able to replicate it both on and off-site and, as it is made up of multiple databases, to be able to roll-back to any given point in time.”

Ordnance survey provides accurate, reliable and detailed geographic information of Great Britain. The introduction of new technologies and higher resolution images has led to an increase in its storage capacity requirements and a greater emphasis on digital data. This coupled with the increased revenue generated by e-commerce based applications meant that Ordnance Survey had to find a mechanism for protecting its digital assets in the event of a disaster. Ordnance Survey required a solution that would enable the business to replicate data from its headquarters in Southampton to a separate remote DR location.

Lipsey continues, “Four key criteria were identified in our search for the right DR solution. We needed ´point in time´ roll-back recovery for our Oracle and ESRI databases; we had to maintain our central processing power, so no ´host agents´ to slow down the central processing capabilities of our Sun Solaris servers; the solution had to be server and storage agnostic, so we could work with any type of SAN and it needed to enable replication of fibre channel storage over IP, without the need for expensive fibre channel to IP converters. A pretty tall order that eliminated many suppliers.”

“Kashya´s KBX5000 did all of this and provided a facility which we did not initially realise we needed – local copying of data to enable recovery without the need to copy back from the remote site,” adds Lipsey.

Ordnance Survey has placed the order with Kashya, under the GCAT framework, after an extensive period of testing and evaluation of the solution. Kashya, Cisco and Ordnance Survey have worked together to verify that the solution would work within Ordnance Survey´s unique environment and that the business and technical requirements of the project could be met. Testing and refinement for the overall project will continue throughout 2006 with implementation due to be completed in 2007.

Lipsey concludes, “Kashya has provided us with a great level of flexibility. This solution has ensured that we are not tied to a single storage vendor. We were able to keep our existing storage platform and in the future we will be able to buy additional capacity based on cost and performance not because it is required to support replication.”

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