Oracle Unveils Mobile Database

By | January 11, 2005

Oracle unveiled its new Database Lite 10g today. Designed for mobile deployment on laptops and PDA’s, Oracle is targeted at companies whose needs include the ability for mobile users to synchronize enterprise application data.

Jacob Christfort, Oracle chief technical officer and vice-president of mobile and wireless products, said, “Companies are constantly looking for new ways of gaining competitive advantage and reducing costs by streamlining their business processes.

“Making information available directly and in real-time to employees on the frontline – serving or selling to customers – is an increasingly critical step to gaining such efficiencies. Oracle Database Lite 10g is targeted at helping our customers to achieve just that, and, more specifically, offers advances in terms of scalability, reliability, and security consistent with the overall Oracle 10g technology stack.”

Oracle has said that the database builds on the company’s existing computing initiatives by providing users with the ability to to synchronize mobile data with a back end server.

Jack Gold, an analyst at Meta Group, said, “As mobile devices change from purely personal devices to capable business tools, organizations must deploy applications built on a flexible business-class platform capable of supporting current user needs, while allowing future enhancements and connectivity for a variety of business requirements.”

The new database can run on any wireless network and is centrally managed from a central database console.

Oracle Database Lite 10g supports Windows, Unix and Linux platforms, and costs Ј58 per named user.

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