OpenVZ Project Releases Software to Support Fedora Core 5

By | April 4, 2006

The OpenVZ project today announced availability of its operating system level server virtualization software for Fedora Core 5, which only recently became available. Also, the industry-exclusive zero downtime migration feature will be made available for the OpenVZ software.

Last month, OpenVZ ( announced its availability on the latest SUSE Linux kernel and the latest Linux kernel 2.6.16.

“We’ve now taken the important step of delivering our OpenVZ software on the major Linux distributions so that many users can see the benefits of our technology,” said Kir Kolyshkin, manager of the OpenVZ project. “Our goal, of course, is to gain adoption as part of the mainstream and other Linux distributions. Delivery of the zero downtime migration functionality as part of OpenVZ brings a capability which no other open source virtualization software offers.”

The OpenVZ kernel for Fedora Core 5 is available for download from In addition, the OpenVZ project is making available Fedora Core 5 templates for virtual environments (previously called Virtual Private Server, or VPS), which enable real-time provisioning of servers and give users full use of Fedora applications. The Fedora Core 5 templates allow for almost instant (in many cases about a minute) provisioning of an OpenVZ virtual environment – giving customers with applications running on Fedora the ability to run those applications on a virtual server, rather than a full server. Templates for Fedora Core 5 are available for download at

The OpenVZ project announced it will add the industry-exclusive “zero downtime migration” feature that allows IT professionals to move virtual servers between physical servers without end-user disruption or the need for costly storage capacity.

Using the zero downtime migration function captures the state of an existing virtual environment and its contents and migrates it to a new physical server without any interruption in service or availability. The function executes between any two servers on a network, so the capability works for any server and any application. OpenVZ delivers this capability without additional requirements, such as a storage area network (SAN). The zero downtime migration feature will be made available for download later this month.

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