Nortel Unveils Enhancements to Secure Network Access Solution for Enterprise-wide Endpoint Security

By | February 15, 2006

Nortel today announced the availability of the Nortel Secure Network Access Switch, the new cornerstone of its Secure Network Access (SNA) solution. The solution is designed to provide enterprise-wide endpoint security by ensuring that any device trying to access the network complies with a common set of security policies.

Nortel’s Secure Network Access solution has already been successfully deployed with customers globally to provide endpoint security for remote VPN applications. The new Nortel Secure Network Access Switch now extends this security policy enforcement to the enterprise LAN.

“Enforcing endpoint security within the enterprise LAN is just as important as ensuring secure access with remote VPN users,” said Atul Bhatnagar, general manager, Enterprise Data Networks, Nortel. “Many security risks to today’s enterprise networks come from internal users unknowingly introducing malicious viruses to the network due to a lack of updated security measures. Nortel SNA is designed to ensure that a single, seamless security policy is enforced not only with traditional remote access users, but with all users across the enterprise LAN.”

The Nortel SNA solution complements Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP), a leading architecture and interface for network access. Nortel is working closely with Microsoft to deliver assured Network Access Protection support across Nortel’s enterprise product line. Nortel plans to have its switches, routers and gateways include smart ports that can communicate with Microsoft’s RADIUS-based Network Policy Server and Network Access Protection clients, enabling the enforcement of a common set of security policies across Nortel and Microsoft platforms in the network.

“With the increasing sophistication of attacks on enterprise networks, there is a growing need to enforce health and security policies on endpoint devices and network access ports.” says Mike Schutz, group product manager, Windows Server division, Microsoft. “Support from industry leaders like Nortel for Network Access Protection will provide users an easy-to-deploy model to build trusted convergence-ready networks.”

The new Nortel Secure Network Access Switch acts as an intelligent security gateway, coordinating a single comprehensive security policy across the enterprise network. The switch works with Nortel’s industry-leading VPN routers, VPN gateways, and Ethernet Routing switches and is planned to support third party platforms in future releases. It is designed to ensure that any PC or other device attempting to access the network is fully compliant with all required antivirus, software patch, and firewall security policies. Once connected to the network, devices are then subject to proactive, always on monitoring to identify critical changes in individual PCs that may affect network security.

“Nortel´s Secure Network Access Switch integrated with our existing LAN switches, enabling us to quickly provision a flexible, scalable and high-performance solution that meets our growing challenges of endpoint security and policy compliance,” said Mr. John J. Sroka, chief information officer, Duane Morris, LLP, one of the largest law firms in the United States. “Our Nortel security solution now enforces access validation across wired, wireless and remote endpoints by checking all user credentials and device configuration against our corporate security mandates before granting network access.”

In a separate release, Nortel today announced that it has joined the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and will participate in its Trusted Network Connect working group. Nortel is committed to collaboration in organizations like the TCG to develop open industry specifications that help ensure secure interoperability across multi-vendor network security solutions.

The Nortel Secure Network Access solution is a key component of Nortel’s layered defense approach to security. Nortel has made secure connectivity available to more than 100 million government, business and individual users worldwide. More information on Nortel security solutions can be found at

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