Nokia 6680 at the 3GSM Conference?

By | February 18, 2005

With the 3GSM World Conference just around the corner, Nokia have today filed a diagram of a new phone with the FCC. This diagram is rumored to be of the elusive Nokia 6680. There is also talk that Nokia will unveil this phone at the 3GSM Conference which will be held in Cannes starting Monday.

The Nokia 6680 is said to have dual cameras one of which is a 1.5 Mega-Pixel model. Other features are also said to include a new 3D User Interface and a triple processor. Let´s hope Nokia haven´t limited this phone to Dual-Voltage Reduced-Sized MMCs and have packed it with enough RAM, both of which were issues with the Nokia 6630. The Dual-Voltage Cards come at a maximum capacity of 64Mb, a far cry from the 1Gb MMC cards most smart phone users have been getting used to.

But Nokia have clearly learned their lesson in some areas. The Nokia 6680, as with the 6630, will be able to quick-swap memory cards, a feature which was lacking in all their previous phones (which required you to turn the phone off and remove the battery to change cards). They have also made this 3G phone compatible with Video Calls a feature that has been missing from their latest 3G phones as there was no user-facing camera (though why they didn´t use a swivel camera as opposed to 2 separate cameras is beyond me).

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