NFR Security Announces IPv6 Initiative to Help Government Agencies Migrate Early To a Compliant Network Security System

By | March 27, 2006

NFR Security, Inc., the leader in Real-Time Threat Protection(TM), reiterated to the marketplace today that the company´s award-winning intrusion prevention system (IPS), Sentivist, already meets the federal mandate for IPv6 compliance offering federal agencies and government offices complete network protection against all security threats, both internal and external.

“Our Sentivist product has been IPv6 compliant since 2001 and we are leading the effort for network security for any federal entity ready to migrate to a compliant solution now,” said Andre Yee, CEO of NFR Security. “We want agencies to know that they can meet the IPv6 mandate today and that there are security tools available that are IPv6 compliant. We believe that a migration plan to IPv6 networks needs to incorporate security as a top priority.”

IPv6 is a system of Internet addressing that is in need of expanding due to the increase in both online use and the explosive Internet-connected device industry. Agencies need to protect classified and confidential information which could be more challenging during migration and increased file sharing while IPv6 is implemented. IPv6 will make it more difficult for hackers and worms to spread through the network. Until then, there isn´t much in place to protect a network except scanning techniques which simply don´t protect 100% from internal and external threats or attacks.

In order to help agencies better understand IPv6, NFR Security, along with v6 Transition, an IPv6 consultancy and testing organization, are hosting a series of webcasts specifically designed to help government agencies with IPv6 security-related issues. The webcasts will help agency IT administrators and others to think “outside-the-box” in using existing technologies to facilitate the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 networks.

“As in most technology transitions, the more information we know about the current and target environments, the more successful, stress and error-free the transition will be,” said David Goodrum, Manager of Federal System of NFR Security. “From managing the conversion to providing the needed security, environmental insight is a key to success.”

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