New White Paper From Opalis Offers Solutions to Limitations of Business Service Management

By | May 2, 2006

Opalis Software, Inc., the expert provider of enterprise infrastructure software, today announced the availability of a new white paper that explains why Business Service Management (BSM) cannot effectively become a widely used and valued IT management tool unless certain processes within the infrastructure connecting IT assets and business services are automated. The paper, titled ´Can Automation Plug the Holes in Business Service Management?´ demonstrates how second-generation BSM tools bring increased sophistication to help IT operations and business analysts visualize, analyze, and document the impact of real-time IT performance on business process productivity and value creation.

The paper also outlines the strides BSM tools have made between first- and second-generations. First-generation BSM tools, for example, were often static, hand-coded containers reflecting the IT department´s understanding of the relationship between IT assets, business processes workflows, and application performance data.

Opalis is part of the second-generation of BSM tools with its ability to track the real-time status of business services. Unlike traditional BSM data collection agents that take a “bottom-up” approach to getting data, which is where proxy agents, synthetic transactions, and enterprise event monitors feed data up into the BSM tool in order to drive the tool´s performance, Opalis takes a “top-down” approach that eliminates the need for custom coding, synthetic agents, or other business service proxies. Rather than building service models from the bottom up, Opalis begins by automating the service execution processes that run and control the business service itself.

“Businesses grappling with complex, script-based business service execution environments may find the Opalis automation approach a life-saver simply due to its ability to integrate and streamline existing processes,” said Scott Broder, CEO for Opalis. “Adding automation capabilities to BSM moves enterprises one step closer to true business service visibility.”

To access a copy of this white paper, please click on the link below.

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