New spam technique delivers results for spammers

By | March 31, 2006

SoftScan announced today that in a bid to beat detection and increase the likelihood of their messages being read, spammers are increasingly using a new twist on joe-jobbing (forging the sender’s email address) that may lead to organisations abolishing the bounce back message.

“The change in tactic demonstrates that spammers are having an increasingly hard time getting through anti-spam technologies and persuading users to open up their emails and at least read them,” comments Bo Engelbrechtsen, corporate communications manger of SoftScan.

Instead of forging the sender’s email address, which is easily detected by anti-spam technologies, and sending it directly to the target company; spammers are deliberately sending their messages to an email address they know does not exist at high profile company with the “from” email address of the target company.Read Full Story

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