New Pantech Biometric Mobile

By | December 2, 2004

Pantech have launched the Gl100, a new phone with some very unique features, the most impressive of which are made possible by the advanced biometric technology which is unique to he Gl100.

The Gl100 features include fingerprint recognition, a 1.3 megapixel camera, video wallpaper, Java support as well as the basic features such as SMS, MMS and games. Pantech have taken fingerprint recognition to a new level. Not only can you set an authorization key so that only people with registered fingerprints can use the phone, you can also set up 10 speed-dial number for each fingerprint from your ten fingers and thumbs. Making a call could be as easy as placing a specific finger on the sensor.

The Video-Wallpaper is also a new feature unique to the Gl100. You can choose a certain video clip to be played when the phone is idle on either of the two LCD screens or even both. You can also have a specific video clip play when a certain person calls you. Even the LCD screens are ´smart´. You can use them to access certain features such as “profiles” without having to navigate through folders

Pantech have obviously gone for confidentiality with the Gl100. On top of all the authorization features they have even included a feature that doesn´t log phone calls made by certain registered users. This makes the Gl100 the ideal phone for those who need to be secretive or who are just plain paranoid.

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