New Nokia Advances

By | November 3, 2004

The world´s largest phone maker, Nokia, recently announced several new advances in it´s phone line including 3 new camera phones, memory boosts for many phones and handwriting recognition on one of it´s smartphones.

Nokia´s proudly unveiled it´s new line of phones earlier this week in Monca. The new line, which includes the 7710, an oval phone with a touchscreen, handwriting recognition and video, the 3230 smartphone which has a megapixel camera and the 6020 camera phone has been met by a positive reception by enthusiasts, as Nokia continues to diversify it´s product line which now stands at 27 different phones.

The 7710, Nokia´s largest announcement, is packed with advanced features like the touch screen, pen input, digital camera, web browser, email, a VPN client for corporate networks, radio and video playback as well as streaming and recording capabilities.

Further innovations will be made possible next year as Nokia looks to introduce hard drives into it´s phones. Apple´s iPod was the first media device to use a hard drive rather than a flash card. Nokia believes the hard drive will allow for greater space, which should boost smartphone sales past 250 million units in 2008.

“This doesn´t mean Nokia is going to start making PDAs in a big way,” said Andy Brown, program manager for hand-held devices at the research firm International Data Corp. in London. “This is rather a part of their strategy of having a prestige product in almost every market niche.”

And with more than 1.5 billion users on the market, Nokia is doing an increasingly decent job at reaching many niche markets.

Another example of Nokia reaching out into new markets will be unveiled next year as the company is looking to test a public transit wireless offering in Germany next year, in conjunction with Royal Philips Electronics. The new system will allow 3220 smartphone owners to pay for and store electronic tickets on Frankfurt´s public transit system.

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