New Mobile Virus – Mabir.A

By | April 5, 2005

A variant of the Cabir mobile virus, which was developed at first to prove it is possible, called Mabir, has been targeting mobile phones using Symbian Series 60 operating systems.

“The MMS spreading function of Mabir.A uses a new social engineering technique,” said Jarno Niemela, a researcher at antivirus specialist F-Secure´s laboratory.

“Mabir.A also listens to any MMS or SMS messages arriving to the infected phone and responds to those messages with an MMS message that contains Mabir.A as “info.sis” file. The MMS message sent by Mabir.A does not contain any text, just the info.sis file”

So far the company has found over 20 mobile phone viruses in the wild.

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