New BridgeHead HT Filestore text search capablities for archive compliance and discovery

By | December 26, 2006

BridgeHead Software today announced the availability of a powerful new content search capability for HT FileStore, its policy-based file archiving software system for multi-platform computing environments. HT FileStore archives data from systems across the enterprise and now indexes the text content as well as metadata of archived files to provide significantly enhanced searchability.

Using a straightforward web-browser interface, HT FileStore´s search functionality lets administrators and auditors efficiently discover, retrieve and report across all of the organisation´s archive data repositories using any combination of word and phrase content and/or file attribute filters. While the new content search feature enhances authorised transparent access to archived data, the integrity and privacy of information is not compromised as HT FileStore maintains user access privileges to files throughout the archive and data lifecycle management process.

“Compliant file archiving and retrieval sounds simple, but it´s not. Discovery remains a challenge,” said Claus Egge, Program Director, European Storage Systems Research, at IDC. “To satisfy regulatory compliance and legal investigations, corporations must have efficient and intelligent access to all user-generated data and corporate archives, at the same time provide assurances on the integrity of the data to meet chain of custody requirements. The longevity of data retention and resulting growing data archives makes transparent information retrieval and large-scale data discovery an immediate concern for executives and IT management.”

BridgeHead selected Apache´s Lucene text search engine library for its powerful cross platform indexing and information retrieval. Lucene´s API is agnostic of file format, allowing text from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF and any other file type to be indexed. By settling on the popular open source Lucene, used by the likes of Wikipedia, BridgeHead has ensured its file archive search capabilities benefit from constant advances from the Lucene community, including updated IFilter plug-ins for extracting text from specialised file formats. The ability to draw on a steady source of new functionality gives HT FileStore users state-of-the-art options for identifying and managing different types of file data. The use of Lucene is also in line with similar functions from Quest´s email Archive Manager which is often bundled with BridgeHead´s HT FileStore for a complete email and user file archiving solution.

“HT FileStore´s search tools bring the archive alive. Customers tell us that word-by-word indexing combined with file attributes is critical. User file and email data is approximately 70% of the data that companies must manage and archive in order to comply with legal regulations and audits,” said Tony Cotterill, CEO of BridgeHead Software.

“We have transformed data storage into information storage based on file attributes and content. HT FileStore lowers total cost of ownership and improves the ability to quickly and securely manage archived data and information.”

BridgeHead Software´s HT FileStore with Lucene content search is now available from and integrated by members of BridgeHead´s Reseller Program. All existing HT FileStore customers will automatically be upgraded through standard maintenance. HT FileStore software starts at Ј10 per GByte, drops to Ј3.30 per GByte at 10 TBytes.

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