New Boundary Technologies Unveils Dynamic Security Policy Format Powering Policy Commander

By | February 14, 2006

New Boundary Technologies(R), a provider of automated configuration and security management solutions, today revealed the innovative Dynamic Security Policy file format powering its Policy Commander(TM) security policy enforcement solution. Built upon the company´s patent-pending Smart Update(TM) technology, the Dynamic Security Policy format delivers computer security policies that provide an unprecedented level of intelligence and automated protection within and beyond the enterprise.

The Dynamic Security Policy format is at the heart of what makes Policy Commander so extremely powerful and flexible. The format defines computer security policies based on three key attributes – applicability, compliance, and enforcement. The ease of use and high level of automation the Dynamic Security Policy format delivers was a significant factor in New Boundary Technologies earning a ´Hot Company 2006´ award from Info Security Products Guide.

Determining which security policies apply to which computers was formerly a huge challenge for administrators, who were forced to manually define computer types, roles, operating systems, installed applications, and other characteristics for every computer within the environment. With applicability rules built into each Dynamic Security Policy, now administrators can simply deploy security policies to the network and rely on Policy Commander´s automated intelligence to assign them to the right computers.

Once assigned, Policy Commander´s Dynamic Security Policies continuously check computers to assure compliance with security policies, even when computers are not connected to the network. Policy Commander quickly and easily establishes a network security configuration baseline by providing a snapshot of each computer´s security state before and after enforcing each policy. And the enforcement rules and logic within each Dynamic Security Policy enables Policy Commander to intelligently determine what actions to take to automatically bring computers into compliance with their assigned policies.

“By developing an intelligent security policy format for its Policy Commander solution, New Boundary Technologies has taken an interesting new approach toward simplifying and automating security policy management,” said Scott Crawford, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. “Comprehensive security policy management has become a significant interest, particularly in compliance-sensitive organizations. By helping to simplify the policy management process, New Boundary Technologies is helping to make security policy management accessible to a much larger portion of the market.”

New Boundary Technologies´ Dynamic Security Policies are available immediately to Policy Commander customers via the company´s Security Policy Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is an online repository of the company´s Dynamic Security Policies, plus policy templates from leading vendors such as Microsoft, and from leading IT security organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Included in the Security Policy Knowledge Base are policy libraries that support regulatory measures like the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

“Now that we´ve eliminated the challenges to security policy management, it is poised to become the next major breakthrough in IT security,” said Kim Pearson, president and chief executive officer of New Boundary Technologies. “Policy Commander is changing the nature of IT security by making security policy enforcement fast, easy and automatic. Every organization that is serious about IT security, whether for operational improvement or regulatory reasons, should be taking a close look at Policy Commander.”

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