New Boundary Expands its Compliance Product Line with GLBA Solution

By | June 5, 2006

As consumer concerns about identity theft and the privacy of personal information held by financial institutions reach an all-time high, New Boundary Technologies®, an award-winning provider of automated configuration and security management solutions, today announced availability of its automated GLBA Compliance Solution.

Powered by the company№s Policy Commander security policy enforcement product, the GLBA Compliance Solution is designed to ease compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act№s Safeguards Rule, which requires all financial institutions to design, implement and maintain safeguards to protect customer information.

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a non-profit consumer information and advocacy group, more than 83 million Americans have had personal financial information exposed or compromised due to third-party security breaches since February 2005. The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity theft represented 37 percent of all consumer fraud complaints it received last year. And more than 25 million Americans have been victims of identity theft in the last five years.

The New Boundary Technologies GLBA Compliance Solution makes it easy to secure computers and electronic information to ensure IT compliance with the GLBA Safeguards Rule. It continuously secures customer information against both external and internal threats. By automatically monitoring and enforcing computer security policies, the solution protects workstations and servers against malicious activity intended to compromise customer information. The solution is comprised of three components:

GLBA Security Guide ­ To help security officers and financial IT professionals implement GLBA security measures, the company has created the New Boundary Technologies GLBA Security Guide. This guide breaks down the various GLBA security provisions and provides guidance on specific steps organizations can take to become compliant.

GLBA Security Policy Library ­ New Boundary Technologies№ GLBA Security Policy Library contains proven computer security policies that address specific customer financial information security concerns. Available immediately, the GLBA Security Policy Library helps organizations meet regulatory requirements by continually safeguarding customer information and the computers that have access to it.

Policy CommanderЃ ­ The GLBA Compliance Solution is powered by Policy Commander, the company№s automated security policy management and enforcement product. Policy Commander dramatically improves the security state of computers by eliminating inherent configuration vulnerabilities.

Policy Commander eliminates the traditional challenges associated with security policy management by automatically assigning security policies to the right computers, and automatically remediating computers when they fail to comply with assigned policies.

New Boundary Technologies№ GLBA Compliance solution is the second vertical market solution the company is developing to simplify compliance with the security requirements of regulatory mandates. The company launched its HIPAA Compliance Solution for healthcare organizations in February 2006.

With disclosure laws now in place in 20 states, it is rare for a week to go by without news of a security breach that compromises customer information,І said Kim Pearson, president and chief executive officer of New Boundary Technologies. іAt least half of these incidents in the past year involved hackers and dishonest insiders with a criminal motive, and could have been prevented if organizations had implemented security configuration best practices.

New Boundary Technologies develops innovative software solutions for IT management and remote equipment monitoring and control. New Boundary Technologies№ Prism products automate software deployment, asset management, patching and packaging.

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