New Article on MS Outlook Passwords

By | August 28, 2006

Security experts from Passcape Software have brought a new piece of writing to light. The new article is intended to give guidance on the encryption techniques, which were used in previous versions of MS Outlook and are used at present.

The new article came from the pen of MS Outlook password experts, who have managed to squeeze almost an encyclopedic amount of information into the format of an ordinary article. The article gives answers to the most vital questions, which arise in the mind of every person, who uses MS Outlook or similar programs. The authors in plain and simple words analyze encryption methods, which are used by MS Outlook.

The first part of the article is devoted to PST files´ passwords. It dwells on the way they are stored in your MS Outlook and all possible advantages and drawbacks, which come out of its encryption mechanism. This part explains why under certain circumstances your personal information can be easily accessed and makes you think about solutions to the problem.

The second part of the article covers techniques for storing e-mail account passwords. This part seems to be a sort of a retrospective analysis, which gives a periodization of the development password storage techniques for MS Outlook´s e-mail accounts. The authors single out four periods here: Prehistoric Age, Stone Age, Middle Ages and Technological Progress Age. Naturally, a detailed description accompanies each of the periods.

The third (conclusive) part raises new questions concerning encryption methods to be used in the future and gives the author´s general opinion about password protection mechanisms applied in MS Outlook. The article addresses the general public, all those people, who work with MS Outlook on a regular basis.

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