Network General Releases Network Intelligence Suite

By | September 18, 2006

Network General has announced the Network Intelligence Suite. New integration of NetVigil 4.2 and Visualizer 4.2 enable unique correlation of the health of business services to underlying IT infrastructure performance. The company also introduced VoIP Forensics, the first of several new Business Forensics solutions from the Network Intelligence Suite. The new VoIP solution will provide real time monitoring of VoIP performance data and metrics through integrated troubleshooting leveraging Voice Experts and decodes.

The Network Intelligence suite delivers a cohesive IT service assurance solution enabling IT organizations to keep support costs low, minimize business risk due to outages, develop credible cross-domain IT management best practices, and deliver consistent service to the business.

With delivery of the Network Intelligence Suite, Network General provides application monitoring products integrated with traditional packet-level network and application traffic analysis products, yielding an unparalleled view of IT services. Multiple technology layers are managed across IT domains by powerful web-based Business Container consoles, delivering management and performance information through a real-time view of the overall business instead of siloed technology performance metrics. The need for support staff to have a deep understanding of the cross-domain infrastructure supporting business services is reduced.

By transforming IT data into detailed knowledge about the status of IT and business services, the Network Intelligence Suite provides self-service capability for business users and strengthens the relationships between IT and the business.

The Network Intelligence Suite, VoIP Forensics, and the 4.2 version of the latest products will be generally available on September 22.

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