Network Box Launches Sophisticated Analysis Tools

By | October 6, 2006

Managed security services company, Network Box, now includes advanced analysis into user behaviour; in-depth reporting and configuration services; and enhanced protection functions. A product and service upgrade includes new services and technical upgrades that offer tailored analysis of a company’s security as well as a number of new features.

New service functionality has been added to the Network Box appliance – the basis for the company’s managed unified threat management (UTM) security service – that allows businesses to: see exactly how long employees have spent surfing the Internet, by means of a web proxy; set rules for email including validating email addresses against those on the server and dropping them if they are not valid; access quarantined email and configure spam filters by each user; obtain greater depth of reporting: weekly reports into all aspects of security can be tailored to provide exactly the information required, in depth; see real-time attacks being launched against the Network Box via the user interface. This is known as ‘Livewatch’.

Says Simon Heron, Technical Director for Network Box: “We have created a service based around a unified product that has the capability to be updated with extra features as we need them in the future. The latest upgrade means that customers get an improved service with enhanced reporting features. They can access the information they want, in the way they want it.”

Network Box provides a managed UTM service that provides: anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, VPN and VOIP protection.

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