Network Box Integrates VOIP Protection To Its UTM Service

By | August 10, 2006

Managed security services company, Network Box, has added protection against VOIP threats to its Unified Threat Management service. This means that Network Box now provides: anti-spam; anti-virus; content filtering; firewall; intrusion detection and prevention; anti-phishing; anti-spyware; virtual private network; and VOIP threat protection – all through a single appliance and managed service.

VOIP attacks are thwarted by putting secure proxies on the Network Box, to protect the mainstream protocols (SIP, H.323) that form the underlying transport of VOIP and are visible to the Internet (and therefore open to attack). Messages are relayed via the Network Box, so any attack is directed against it, rather than against the VOIP server. As with other Network Box protection, updates are automatically pushed out to all customers anywhere within the world, within one minute of being made available.

According to Network Box’s Technical Director, Simon Heron, the current threat to VOIP systems is relatively low, but is likely to grow in the next two years: “We’ve built a threat protection system for VOIP early, while the threat is low, so that by the time it is an issue, we’re ready for it. We think the threat will stay low for the next 12 months, but will be significant enough to warrant deploying a protection system within two years.

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