Network Access Control: Yet To Take Off

By | May 25, 2006

Amidst all the hype around the wonders of Network Access Control (NAC) and security vendors touting NAC compliant devices, one can´t help but do a serious rethink of their existing network security strategy. With new threats emerging by the day and enterprise networks becoming increasingly ubiquitous no one can tell for sure which device attempting to connect to the network is not a potential security threat to the company´s network infrastructure.

NAC is essentially the framework that enforces security policy compliance on all the devices seeking access to network computing resources. The NAC system proactively scans each end point device such as PCs, PDAs, smartphones, servers etc and upon detection of a possible threat sends the user to a quarantined area for remediation. Only when the user is in compliance with all the security norms, it is allowed to connect to the network.Read Full Story

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