NetDevices announces new services gateway product

By | March 6, 2006

NetDevices, Inc., a developer of services gateway products for enterprise branch networks, today announced that it has expanded its product line with the SG-4 Services Gateway, which extends the benefits of services gateways to small and medium-sized enterprise branch offices. The SG-4 unifies all services required at the branch-including perimeter and content security, robust data networking, and voice over IP (VoIP) support-into a modular, remotely manageable and always-available platform. The new product incorporates all of NetDevices´ core services gateway architecture, while minimising space requirements and cost.

“The SG-4 meets the key IT requirements of small and mid-size branch offices without compromise; it minimises downtime, reduces the total cost of ownership, and improves overall service availability and manageability,” said Mark Weiner, senior director of marketing at NetDevices. “Like the SG-8, the new SG-4 provides a wide range of services on one easy-to-manage platform, and our modular, always-accessible architecture provides a key advantage for handling the growing number of services required at today´s branch offices. Other single-box solutions can´t begin to compete with these benefits because they don´t truly unify services at the operating system, processing, and management levels; they simply put several independent technologies into the same box.”

“Finding ways to streamline network support so we can utilise the same dollars to enhance network services has become one of our key IT objectives. It´s too costly to have so many different devices and applications to support – it´s the long term cost of ownership,” said Nancy Hall, chief information officer of MedAmerica. “NetDevices´ services gateway, with its modular architecture and Lifeline remote manageability, will truly make a difference in reducing the network support required for MedAmerica branch offices.”

Proven, Purpose-Built Architecture

The SG-4 Services Gateway has a modular four-slot chassis that is one rack unit (RU) in height, yet supports a full range of services, including a 2Gbps stateful firewall; high volume IPSec VPN; intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS); a SIP application-layer gateway with QoS for VoIP; high performance routing with 900 Kpps forwarding; and a layer 2 Ethernet switch. Cards include a double-wide services engine with two GE ports, a four-port T1/E1 card, a four-port serial card, and an eight-port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch. Because it truly unifies services at the architectural level, NetDevices SG-4 USG offers the same high level of performance even when multiple services are running.

The new platform has the same proven, purpose-built architecture as NetDevices´ SG-8 Services Gateway:

* The Lifeline(tm) management framework, which consists of independent, dedicated backplane and processors to guarantee accessibility and manageability of all services

* OnePass(tm) packet processing, which guarantees enterprise-level performance as new services are added

* An open, software-based architecture that easily enables the addition of new services

“Enterprise branch networks are changing at a rapid pace, and the equipment market is changing quickly with it, as evidenced by the formal arrival of the ´services gateway´ product sector,” said Zeus Kerravala, vice president, Yankee Group. “NetDevices services gateways are a cutting-edge example of next-generation branch network infrastructure.”

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