Netcordia Adds Policy Compliance Suite for Cisco and Juniper Routers, Switches and Firewalls to Network Analysis Appliance

By | March 21, 2006

Netcordia today announced new policy enforcement capabilities for its NetMRI network analysis appliance. NetMRI´s new Policy Compliance Suite enables network managers and engineers to audit and verify routers, switches and firewalls in several key policy compliance areas. These audits can be a key part of the deliverables for various regulatory compliance reports.

Network managers and engineers at mid to large enterprise, government and military organizations are now responsible for thousands of configuration files that can be exposed to potential external threats as well as inconsistencies due to swap outs, upgrades and other operational changes, wholly apart from the servers and PCs configurations. The Policy Compliance Suite enables router, switch, VPN, firewall and other configuration files to be easily audited and reported upon both on a rapid response basis or a daily scheduled basis.

“The Policy Compliance Suite is an outstanding addition to NetMRI,” said Kevin Stone, network manager at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and early adopter of the product. “It has already made an impact on the consistency of our device configurations.”

The new Policy Compliance Suite assists users tasked with an increasing burden of regulatory compliance and security concerns by implementing enforcement of policies for securing Domain Name Servers (DNS), Network Time Protocol (NTP), RADIUS servers and remote access management security. These policies are based upon Best Practices from Cisco, Juniper and other leading manufacturers.

The Compliance Suite also implements standards from the National Security Agency´s (NSA) Cisco Router Security Configuration Guide. These NSA standards embody best practices for the configuration of Cisco routers, to minimize security risks while maintaining high network integrity standards. For implementation of Juniper configuration policy best practices, Netcordia is utilizing the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) policy recommendations.

“Our clients are experiencing both very positive operational results as well as the relief of knowing their network compliance is in order and automatic audits are occurring to keep it that way,” reports Terry Slattery, founder and CEO of Netcordia. “We´ve purposely designed NetMRI to reduce the time, tedium and risk for network managers and engineers who are already overloaded.”

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