MySQL and NitroSecurity to develope Database Storage Engine

By | November 14, 2006

MySQL AB and NitroSecurity have announced they have signed a strategic agreement to jointly develop and market a database engine for MySQL based on NitroSecurity’s NitroEDBTM extreme performance relational database technology.

NitroSecurity originally developed its database technology to address the growing demand for real-time analysis within the network security event management market. Utilizing unique indexing techniques, data management methods and query processing algorithms, the technology enables “multiple order of magnitude” increases in relational data management and query performance with multi-billion record volumes – running on commodity hardware. The technology is currently deployed in NitroView Enterprise Security Manager, the industry’s highest performance network security monitoring and analysis solution.

“A perfect data storm is brewing formed by the tidal wave of data generated by today’s applications combined with the demand for real-time analysis and reporting of information derived from this data,” says Ken Levine, CEO of NitroSecurity. “The integration of NitroSecurity’s high performance storage engine with MySQL’s industry leading database server will enable end-users to address this phenomenon without a linear increase in hardware investment.”

Under the terms of the agreement, MySQL will integrate NitroSecurity’s NitroEDB database storage engine with MySQL’s database server. The resulting solution will be compatible with applications utilizing MySQL’s current release of its database server and will be marketed by both companies.

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