MP3 Players Means Intellectual Property risk

By | March 9, 2006

Theft of data from organisations is set to become an even bigger problem due to the increased availability and capacity of MP3 type players. The storage on tiny, pocket-sized, machines such as the Apple iPod Video is so large that a whole laptop drive full of data can be downloaded.

Many organisations are not aware of this emerging risk. With no current software available to prevent such devices from connecting and downloading valuable company information, whistleblowing hotlines, such as Expolink´s have an increasing role to play.

With the cheapest MP3s on the market able to store 256MB and costing as little as $20 they are widely accessible. At the top end of the market digital jukeboxes can store 20GB at a cost of $150, whilst the Apple iPod Video player comes with 60GB storage, for $300 and the same capacity as many corporate notebooks.

David Crook, Managing Director, Expolink Europe Limited, comments, “Virtual fraud is a growing concern for organisations and their biggest threat is from within. In our experience most organisations do not stay up-to-date with the risks that advances in technology pose. Information held within some companies can be extremely sensitive, for example, it may involve people´s banking details, or it could give their competitors an advantage if the information fell into the wrong hands.

According to Expolink Europe´s latest figures company theft accounts for over 12% of the calls to their hotline, whilst fraud and other security issues amount to nearly 8%.

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