More Dangerous Rootkits May Lurk On Horizon

By | June 13, 2006

As the argument rages over whether rootkits can serve a useful purpose, new types of rootkits are emerging that require new methods of detecting and removing them. Rootkits hide processes, files, and network connections and can be written to perform like a device driver on any operating system.

Most people associate rootkits with the questionable practices of some of those who use them. They´ve carried a negative connotation ever since one was found in the software Sony shipped to protect the intellectual property on its artists´ CDs.

But don´t blame the technology. “A rootkit is not inherently malicious, although they are used for malicious purposes. The technology is separate from the intent,” Greg Hoglund, CEO of software security service provider HBGary, said last week at the Software Security Summit in Baltimore.Read Full Story

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