Mobile worm infects 20 countries

By | May 2, 2005

The mobile phone virus – Cabir – has made its way to 20 different countries around the globe, the anti-virus research center at Finnish internet security firm F-Secure has said. The virus, discovered in June, was the first known worm to spread via Bluetooth connection.

“The Cabir virus has now been detected in 20 different countries… including in the US, China and Russia,” said Mikko Hyppoenen, head of anti-virus research at F-Secure. “Once you have one infected phone, it will try to beam itself to other compatible phones… This virus is only travelling when people travel the world.”

While the worm was spreading, the problem remained small as far as the virus does not do much harm once it infects a phone – it just remain sitting there till it find nearby device with active Bluetooth connection.

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