Mobile VPN support for Nokia Series 60

By | October 16, 2006

AppGate Network Security, a provider of network security solutions, has announced Mobile VPN support for Nokia Series 60 3rd edition mobile phones including the E61 and N70.

The global “smartphone” market is experiencing rapid growth and users increasingly want to move beyond the limitations of only having access to push-emails on their mobile phones. Access to Intranet and other applications such as SAP and other reporting tools are becoming more and more important.

AppGate provides a mobility solution that enables users of mobile devices such as mobile phones to securely access all resources inside an enterprise’s internal network, not only email. It supports authentication from suppliers such as RSA, Cryptocard, NordicEdge, Mideye as well as other Radius and/or LDAP/AD based systems. It also supports roaming so that users can move between 3G/GPRS connections and 802.11 connections without having to re-authenticate.

According to AppGate’s CEO Gצran Marby, “Until now many businesses have addressed the security issues associated with mobile access through point solutions, and as a result have had to find a compromise between security of the network and flexibility for the user. AppGate’s mobile solution satisfies both the security needs of the enterprise and user demands. With this new development for the Series 60 platform, users of a wide range of S60-based devices, including phones from Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung and Siemens, can now benefit from AppGate’s functionality.”

The AppGate system makes it possible to integrate all types of access: mobile, PC, PDA in one single solution without having to accept reduced security or functionality. The user will get exactly the access they need when they need it – no more and no less. One user might be restricted to downloading e-mail and synchronizing their calendar to their mobile phone, while another who is running the required AV software on their mobile device might have access to SAP and their CRM system as well.

The product will be available for commercial use in the middle of November 2006.

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