Mobile Users Push Embedded Security Applications

By | October 27, 2005

The growth in mobile data usage would result if device manufactures embed security applications in devices, says new survey, reflecting wireless user’s concern about the security of mobile devices and protection of data.

The survey confirmed that subscribers are using a wide variety of applications, including web surfing, messaging, corporate work and personal email checking, that are often a conduit for attacks on wireless networks, mobile devices and personal data.

When asked for security issues, the common answers were data protection and the insecurity of wireless communication and data transmission. Nearly all respondents agree that their employer would deploy more wireless devices if security was addressed.

“Our survey of users of wireless networks and mobile devices should be a wake-up call for device manufacturers and wireless carriers,” said Bluefire Security Technologies COO Scott Schelle. “Enterprises and individuals are relying on their devices for ever more sophisticated tasks and are signaling they want to buy more devices. But until the security issues are addressed purchases will continue to be delayed.”

The survey conducted by Bluefire Security Technologies and more than 1500 representatives of small-medium-sized businesses and large enterprises participated.

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