Mitigating the Security Risks of SSH

By | August 28, 2006

This article is a follow-up to my earlier article on SSH security considerations, in which I discussed some very real risks with SSH—risks created by how SSH is rolled out in many organizations. Large organizations with many production platforms are especially at risk.

This article will help the UNIX administrator—maybe one who’s new to SSH—to see the need for a better security plan. It will also help the administrator who’s rolling out SSH on a non-UNIX platform. (No one can expect UNIX administrators to own the SSH security plan, even if some consider SSH to be a UNIX utility.)

SSH is a wonderful tool with many excellent abilities. It has versions for OpenVMS, Windows, z/OS, iSeries, UNIX and Linux, etc. Thanks to the work of the commercial and open source SSH vendors, this tool is getting a lot of recognition. Because more and more applications must fan across data repositories living on multiple platforms, people want to use SSH as a more secure replacement for Telnet, FTP, and rlogin/rsh.Read Full Story

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