Mirapoint’s RazorGate Appliance Blocks Image-Based Spam With Traffic Pattern Analysis and Unparalleled MailHurdle Technology

By | December 10, 2006

Mirapoint, the secure messaging experts, announced today that the RazorGate email security appliance protects its customers from the rising tide of image-based spam by utilizing proven RAPID Anti-Spam and unique MailHurdle technologies. Combining RAPID and MailHurdle technologies, RazorGate demonstrates a 98 percent catch-rate for all types of spam.

Right now, many organizations are experiencing increased spam due the swell in image-based spamming that embeds spam content within an image, which is difficult for content signature-based anti-spam techniques to block. As a result, image-based spam is more likely to evade traditional content filters and wind up in the end-user´s inbox.

“To date we have not experienced any issues with image-based spam,” said Steve Kolar, senior director of IP networks and operations at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. “We are impressed with Mirapoint´s RazorGate email security appliance and its RAPID anti-virus and anti-spam technology as our network has been protected from image-based spam that other networks are grappling with. We are pleased with Mirapoint´s pattern detection spam fighting approach — and our decision to use Mirapoint.”

Unlike content-based approaches, Mirapoint´s RazorGate uses traffic pattern analysis to identify spam. Creating a signature based on how the spam messages are sent, Mirapoint´s RAPID Anti-Spam is a zero-hour technology that blocks spam within minutes of an outbreak. By using this content-agnostic detection capability, enterprises are protected long before a traditional content-based signature is available – whether the spam is image-based or not.

“After reading about image-based spam in the news, we sleep easier knowing that the RazorGate´s RAPID traffic analysis technology blocks image-based spam as a matter of course,” said Peter Mrozik, director of projects and information at Cattlemens, Inc. “As a result, our edge security devices are not strained by content signature analysis, which does not detect image-based spam.”

Complementing RAPID Anti-Spam in fighting image-based spam is Mirapoint´s MailHurdle technology. Unique to RazorGate, MailHurdle is the industry´s most effective, resource-efficient approach to blocking spam and virus threats directly at the network edge. While most email security solutions require the email gateway to accept a message into the network before any protection is applied, Mirapoint´s MailHurdle technology analyzes messages at the SMTP-layer first so that unwanted email is blocked at the network edge which defends against both directory-/harvest attacks and bulk email sent to random lists of users. Furthermore, by using customizable reputation-based techniques, MailHurdle blocks known bad senders, and dynamically increases security by blocking senders as soon as they begin exhibiting bad behavior. This approach has been proven to stop 60 to 80 percent of the unwanted traffic before any network resources are wasted processing it.

“Mirapoint has developed innovative technologies like RAPID and MailHurdle to ensure our technology will never be vulnerable to new spamming tactics designed to slip past email security gateways,” said Bethany Mayer, chief marketing officer at Mirapoint. “Positive feedback from customers is indicative of Mirapoint´s effectiveness in keeping networks spam-free, regardless of the latest attempt by spammers to deceive traditional content filters with schemes like image-based spam. The bottom line is we can stop attacks that others can´t.”

Top ranked by InfoWorld Magazine with an “Excellent” rating of 9.2, the RazorGate appliance delivers an industry-leading message throughput of more than 25 million messages per day, equating to more performance at half the price of other leading email security appliances.

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