Mirapoint Expands Suite of Messaging Appliances with Industry’s First Policy-Driven Email Archiving Appliance

By | March 20, 2006

Mirapoint, the secure messaging experts, today introduced the industry´s first email archiving appliance that employs corporate policies to index and organize messages to help companies comply with legal and regulatory requirements on records retention. The Mirapoint ComplianceVault reduces the cost and complexity of archiving email by eliminating space-wasting spam and duplicated email content, as well as categorizing messages for easy search and retrieval.

Policy-Driven Archiving for Corporate Controls

Bundling indexing, management software and storage hardware in a single easy-to-deploy appliance, ComplianceVault can be attached to any email server using industry-standard protocols. Administrators can set policies for archiving based on sender, recipient, spam or virus score, department or keyword content for any message. Working in conjunction with the leading enterprise IM solutions, Mirapoint´s ComplianceVault can also archive instant messages to ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements.

“Alongside email hygiene and mobility, email archiving is one of the highest priority messaging issues for our enterprise customers,” said Barry Ariko, president and CEO of Mirapoint. “By combining policy-driven email and IM management, storage and archival in an appliance form factor, Mirapoint has delivered an ideal solution for meeting regulatory requirements, as well as providing the ability to retrieve messages for legal or HR reasons.”

According to a recent study from IDC entitled “Worldwide Email Archiving Applications 2005-2009 Forecast and 2004 Vendor Shares: When You Need to Know That You´ve Got Mail,” (IDC #34540, December 2005) explosive growth in email message stores and attachments, rising interest in email discovery and litigation support, and increased attention to regulatory compliance and corporate governance issues continue to drive robust demand for email archiving applications which generated revenue exceeding $310 million worldwide in 2005.

“As email and IM usage continue to grow in enterprises and as more firms adopt record retention policies, the need for email archiving applications will continue to grow,” said Mark Levitt, vice president for Collaborative Computing at IDC. “Although basic archiving functionality will increasingly be found in messaging applications, many organizations will continue to purchase dedicated solutions that provide a better fit for compliance and corporate governance requirements and integration with existing infrastructure.”

Ease of Use to Simplify Archiving in the Enterprise

Other email archiving systems require proprietary interfaces or inefficient SMTP interfaces to the email server, which can be intrusive, reduce performance and inhibit scalability. In contrast, Mirapoint´s ComplianceVault logs in securely and passively in the background, behaving like any other client, then processes the messages in a separate, dedicated appliance. After the messages are secure in the archive, they can be erased from the email server or retained depending upon the administrator´s policy settings.

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