Mirage Networks and nForce Security Team to Target Thai and Indochinese Markets

By | August 29, 2006

Mirage Networks(R) and nForce Security today announced a distribution agreement to extend the reach of and access to Mirage Networks technology throughout the Thai and Indochinese marketplaces. In support of this alliance, Mirage and nForce will each deploy dedicated staff to ensure the success of nForce´s existing and newly recruited value-added distributors (VADs).

“More and more customers require a manageable, low-impact way to control access to network resources,” said Mark Nakrop Niamnamtham, Managing Director for nForce Security. “Mirage Networks Endpoint Control is the ideal complement to our portfolio because it delivers effective interior network security that is highly efficient, easy to manage and cost-effective.”

With its selective business development, continuous reseller training and integrated marketing initiatives with partners, nForce Security offers a solid basis for the commercial success of this partnership. “We are pleased to have nForce Security as a partner,” said Kyosuke Morishita, Vice President of Asia Pacific for Mirage Networks. “We know nForce to be an extremely competent partner with many years of experience in the distribution of IT security solutions. Southeast Asia is a significant market for Mirage Networks, and now we are well armed to make a significant impact here.”

Mirage solutions use behavioral rules to detect when devices are either spreading threats or violating policies, even if the threat is a new one, and patches are either unavailable or not yet installed. It then surgically isolates the device in question, avoiding cross-infection while enabling remediation, before allowing the device renewed access to network resources. In so doing, it stops damage from threats introduced onto the network by mobile computing, remote connections, and day-zero malware — complementing perimeter security solutions and giving companies a more complete, in-depth security defense infrastructure.

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