Military researching intelligent, secure wireless nets

By | August 16, 2006

The US government, corporate and academic researchers are working on a network that would be able to configure itself, intelligently cache and route data, and allow for fast and reliable sharing of data, all while maintaining military-grade security.

The project is called Knowledge Based Networking and is under development by the US Department of Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Academic concepts such as artificial intelligence and Tim Berners-Lee´s “Semantic Web”, combined with technologies such as the Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET), cognitive radio, and peer-to-peer networking, would provide the nuts and bolts of such a network. Although the project is intended for soldiers in the field, the resulting advances could trickle down to end users. “Military networks are going to converge as closely as we can to civil technologies,” says Preston Marshall, the program manager of DARPA´s Advanced Technology Office.Read Full Story

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