Microsoft & Sun Get All Luvvy Dubby

By | December 2, 2004

Microsoft and Sun held a conference call yesterday to update the industry on where they are at in terms of their agreement to work together and interoperate more.

“Nine months ago we were slashing each others´ tires,” said Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos, stressing that the relationship between the two companies has since taken a “180-degree” turn.

2 years ago few would have thought that the two companies could become kissing cousins. To be sure there is still a lot of bad blood under the bridge – but generally speaking it stays there. A playful poke now and again, but generally speaking the companies are moving forward.

Where is forward? Forward is Microsoft recommending that partners use Sun’s Java Virtual Machine instead of Microsoft’s because – to quote an individual involved in the report – “always go to the source”.

The companies have chosen which operating systems they both plan to market most strongly and – surprise, surprise – the two chosen operating systems are the companies’ own Windows and Solaris platforms. The statement is an important one, though, as Sun solidifies its stance as the “non-Linux OS” that it feels can best compete with Microsoft.

Along those lines Sun has gone promoted a sense that Solaris may be “Linux without the political aspirations”, as one Solaris developer put it on his blog.

Obviously the pace of collaboration itself is rather slow. However the reality is that even getting this far without a major blowout is quite a coup for Microsoft. Now the only other contemptuous sibling they have to deal with is Novell.

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