Microsoft to push Sender ID at e-mail summit

By | April 19, 2006

Microsoft Corp. plans to promote adoption of the Sender ID e-mail specification and introduce a new program for helping Internet service providers protect the integrity of e-mail messages at the E-mail Authentication Summit Wednesday in Chicago.

Citing research figures from MarkMonitor Inc., Craig Spiezle, director of technology care and safety fat Microsoft, said that Sender ID use among Fortune 500 companies has increased from 7% in July 2005 to 21%. About 32% of all e-mail sent is Sender ID compliant, added Spiezle, who plans to speak about the adoption of Sender ID at the summit.

Sender ID was developed by Microsoft, SendMail Inc. and other companies as a type of Caller ID system for e-mail messages, he said. The Internet Engineering Task Force is currently working to develop the Sender ID specification, the first draft of which was released in June 2004.Read Full Story

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