Microsoft Promises Better Security & Value

By | November 2, 2004

In several of Microsoft CEO´s Steve Ballmer´s recent appearances he has seemed a changed man. Not quieter, God forbid, but certainly more attune to the things customers want to hear: greater security, greater value and a long term commitment to the platform they´ve all come to know, if not love.

So it should come as no surprise that earlier this month Ballmer told Computer Weekly “the number one concern I hear from IT directors here in the UK – and elsewhere in the world – has to do with security, and it is not a Microsoft-specific issue, except insofar as Microsoft products are the most popular in the world.” he said.

Earlier that week, Ballmer also talked with Gartner analysts and customers at the Gartner IT Expo soothing frazzles security nerves with promises of a continued investment in business, a greater reliance on current standards and an understanding that Linux is here to stay.

In fact, in reading through the transcript, one can almost forget that this is the same CEO who proclaimed that Linux was “a hacker´s tool”.

A changed man? Maybe not, but certainly a company with a changing face

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